Mixed-Media – alive and free

In this mixed media workshop, we will:
– Playfully design interesting and multi-layered backgrounds
– Plan ideas well and create interesting templates
– Set characters in a story
– Learn about and use different mixed media elements
– talk about the important picture elements and then use them
– develop a mindfulness of one’s own temperament and style when painting
– overcome barriers
– give feedback and interpret the pictures
– have a lot of fun

List of materials:

What to bring:

– A variety of good quality acrylic paints
– Spray bottle with water
– A selection of brushes in different sizes and thicknesses, at least one large, wide brush (5-6cm wide)
– Journals, magazines, decorative papers, old bibles, anything you can use for collages
– Water container and painting palette (tear-off, washable or lid/plate)
– kitchen roll
– apron
– disposable gloves
– 3 to 4 primed canvases of at least 50x50cm size (at your own discretion, can also be larger) with a frame depth of at least 3cm and a fabric quality of at least 350g/m² (cotton, linen or mixed fabric)
– 5 to 10 sheets of paper of at least 350g/m² (A4 or larger)
– Acrylic binder or Gloss Heavy Gel (Liquitex)

Not necessary but helpful:

– Small spray bottle with isopropanol alcohol (you can buy the alcohol at the pharmacy, get the spray bottle separately)
– Acrylic ink, alcohol inks, spray paints (Montana waterbased indoor spray paints) and stencils
– Markers, pencils, pastel chalk, oil pastels or similar
– putty, marble powder and other texture pastes
– Gold leaf with appropriate glue
– Any other materials you would like to use or include
– Possibly also oil paints, if you have some and would like to work with them

A selection of extra materials to try and play with will also be available on site and can be used for a small fee.


Teacher: Sonja Kreisel

Sonja Kreisel is a mixed media and pastel artist with expression and humor. Born in 1978 in Frankfurt am Main, she completed her training as a foreign language correspondent at the Foreign Language Institute in Munich in 1999. After that she moved several times to Brazil and France and finally to Scotland. After a complete reboot of her life in Glasgow in 2013, her early passion for art came back into focus and she began to teach herself to paint. In 2014, her calling as an artist took her to France, where she was part of an artistic community in the Ardèche region of southern France. In 2017 she finally moved back to Germany to become part of the European artist group “Transforming Arts”, with whom she has participated in several exhibitions and events in Germa-ny, England and the Netherlands to date.