What is it about:

In this European Academy of the Arts you will discover more about your identity in Christ. You will learn to grasp your creative nature and how to connect with your Heavenly Father in your creative process.

You will also acquire new skills that will help you to grow in your creative expression so that you can increasingly bring about change in your sphere of influence.

The European Academy of Arts begins:

Monday, 07th of November 2022 at 10:00 am and runs until

Friday, 11th of November 2022 at 2:00 pm

The teaching subjects are:

Dance, videography, cold wax, working on series, creative writing, portrait painting and mixed-media.

If necessary, the seminars will be held in English and German.

Direction: Mayra Pankow with a European team of artists


Registration is open until the 31st October 2022

The fee for the academy is € 320 plus € 50 registration fee. The number of participants is limited. With the transfer of the registration fee, the registration is valid. This fee cannot be refunded. The academy fee must be transferred by November 1, 2022 at the latest. Payment in installments is possible in special cases.


Education- and meeting centre of the “Blaues Kreuz” in Holzhausen/Burbach
Blau-Kreuz-Heim-Strasse 1 14, 57299 Burbach, Germany

We will all live, eat and work together under one roof

Cost for accommodation and full board:

An arrival is once on Sunday, 6th November (5 nights) possible from 4 pm onwards or on Monday morning until 10 a.m. (4 nights). Day guest can also attend the Academy of the Arts.

5 nights and full board in a single room €375 or €300/person in a double room
4 nights and full board in a single room €300 or €240/person in a double room
Participation as a day guest (4 lunches each €9.35 = €37.40).