Dance – from the inside out

This dance workshop offers a rich mixture of discovering, training and depth.

Based on the contemporary dance technique, we train our instrument, our body, foster our body awareness and create and develop a great movement vocabulary.

With dance improvisation we break out of the technical structure and dive into free movement. In this process, we keep discovering our body and movement potential anew.

In particular, this workshop focuses on connecting with the Holy Spirit through our dancing. We get to learn to be led by Him in our movements and experience what He does in and through us when we dance. At the same time, we get to grow into greater freedom and knowledge of who God is and who we are in Him.

Teacher: Sophie Howald

Sophie Howald is from Switzerland and received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Belhaven University, USA. She can hardly imagine her life without dance. What started with Ballet when she was six years old, she added Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance and dance improvisation to her training. Sophie had different opportunities to share her passion as Performer, Teacher and Choreographer. Some of her deepest encounters with God happened while she was dancing. She is passionate about that the presence and glory of God to be released through dance and to see people healed and set free as a result. It is a great and fascinating privilege for her to be part of the process, when she people discover through dance what God has placed into them and start to flourish in it.