European Academy of Arts 2019

By on 20. December 2017

What is it all about:

In the European Academy of the Arts you will learn about your Identity in Christ, how to take hold of your creative nature and learn how to connect with your father in heaven in your creative process in order to bring transformation into your area of influence.

Further more you will learn new skills that will help you to come into you next level of creative expression.

The European Academy of the Arts will start on:

Sunday, 13th of October 2019 at 7 pm to
Friday, 18th of October 2019 at 1 pm

The School Topics:

Theatre, Coldwax, Dive into the world of Colors, Working on Series,  Ways into the Abstraction, Creative Worship with Fags.

Language: English and German

Led by Mayra Pankow and her European Artist-Team


  • the fee for the academy is 300 € plus 50 € registration fee
  • the number of students is limited. Secure your place by paying the non refundable registration fee
  • the academy fee should be paid until the 13th of September 2019
  • Deferred payment is possible prior consultation with to get further instructions.


Freie Evangelische Gemeinde Duisburg Wanheimerort
Eschenstraße 14

47055 Duisburg